Don’t throw those apples! Easy receipe to dry your own fruit

by Nati

A couple of weeks ago, I bought 2 kilos of apples. And although at our home we eat quite a lot of fruit, some apples were left on the fruit bowl and day after day they started to look a bit more wrinkly and unappetizing. And I guess when that moment sets in, it can only get worse. The fruit doesn’t look so tasty, therefore you don’t eat it, therefore it gets more and more ripe. Until it’s too late and you toss it out.


Well, not this time. My apples did not make it to the trash

I am a big fan of Instock. That’s an awesome initiative where they turn food surplus into delicious meals. Instock has restaurants (luckily also one only 15 minutes away from where I live, yay!), a foodtruck, books, workshops, everything to help food from getting wasted.

I am subscribed to their newsletter and a couple of days ago, I received an e-mail with an extremely easy recipe on how to dry your own fruits. The perfect solution for my wrinkled, shrinked, soft apples!

Here is how you can dry your own fruit

  1. Peel or wash the fruit, whatever is necessary. I only washed the apples and dried them with the skin. If you are drying bananas, you’ll take of the skin, but washing is not necessary.
  2. Cut it into small and thin slices. There are some recipes that use big slices, but I prefer the small ones as I think this is great to add to your yoghurt.
  3. Place the sliced fruit onto the oven tray. I used baking paper, although some recipes recommend regular kitchen paper as it would absorb more juice. I haven’t been able to try that yet. It depends on the type of fruit you would like to dry. For apples, the baking paper was just fine.
  4. Leave it to dry for about 3 hours on 50°C.

The happy results

I was so excited to taste the apples ones they were out of the oven. The idea was to store them and use them the next day at breakfast, but both my husband Gabi and I couldn’t resist and throughout the day we snacked the little dried pieces of apple.

How to dry your own fruit - My Happy Footprint - Zero Waste Recipes

Can’t wait to try this receipe with other fruit. Have you ever dried you own fruit? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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