Project 333: summer vs winter

by Nati
My Happy Footprint - Project 333 - Zomer vs Winter

On the 15th of May of 2018 I decided to pull up my socks and go for it: the Project 333 challenge.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, head over to this article. In short: Project 333 is a minimalistic fashion challenge, where you dress yourself for 3 months with 33 items. Shoes, coats and accessories included. Items like socks and underwear don’t count.

From #project333 to #project324

It sounded like fun: no clutter, no stress, no “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” situations. And because I decided not to buy any new or second hand clothes during the entire year of 2018, I created my very first “capsule wardrobe” from items available in my closet.

My Happy Footprint - Project 333 - Minimalist Fashion Challenge

It was very entertaining to take the challenge. It took surprisinly little effort to stretch the challenge all the way until October 1st. I was able to dress myself for 4,5 months with 32 items. Allright, it’s not a Nobel-prize worthy accomplishment, but it deserves a pat on the back right? I honestly never thought I would be able to dress myself for such a long time with relatively little items.

Shopping in your own wardrobe

I had so much fun, that I decided to take the challenge for another spin and put together another wardrobe of 33 items. I had stored all my clothes that I did not use between the 15th of May and the 1st of October in 2 suitcases. What a blast I had browsing through my shirts, pants and dresses after all those months. It felt like a shopping expedition in my own wardrobe!
My Happy Footprint - Project 333 - Winter edition

Since autumn had arrived already, my new Project 333 selection looked rather differently from the first one. Bye bye flip-flops, hello ugly Christmas sweater. My bikini made room for a woolen scarf and I swapped my sandals for firm and warm boots.

Which Project 333 challenge is easier?

At this moment, not only have I completed an entire year without buying any clothes, I also finished my second Project 333 challenge. And there comes the question: “Is this challenge easier in winter or in summer?”

I expected that it would be more difficult in the cold period. Simply because in winter you use more clothes than in summer. In August I left the house often with a summer dress, flip-flops, sunglasses and a purse (4 items), while in November I needed tights below my pants, a long sleeve shirt below my sweater, a warm coat, boots and mittons for the bike. That adds up to a total of 8 items. The double!

But, it turned out… the summer edition was MORE DIFFICULT than the one in winter. I think there are 3 reasons:

  1. Summer clothes are more fun than winter clothes. Happy patterns, cute sandals instead of more moderate autumn colors. Or at least in my wardrobe. It might have something to do with the energy I get from summer as well. I just enjoy it more to go outside and dress up.
  2. In winter I have less clothes for special occassions. Ok, I am not able to wear my ugly Christmas sweater when I go to a meeting with one of my clients (although…), but that’s the only garment piece in my autumn/winter edition for a specific moment. My spring/summer selection however contains many more garment pieces that cannot be used at all times: bikinis, beach dresses, flip-flops…
  3. During summer I have to do the laundry more often. I use the bike as often as possible. Great for the environment, but boy, it makes you sweat. And after a firm beach clean-up with Groen met Saar, your clothes can go straight into the laundry, I can tell you. My winter clothes on the other hand can have a few wears more before I need to put them into the laundry machine.

I got to say, I was a little suprised that the challenge turned out to be easier in the colder months! Now that the New Year has arrived, I left Project 333 for what it is, so I can focus on other things that are on my low impact bucket list. But this challenge was so much fun, I am pretty sure I will create another capsule wardrobe later this year.

Your Project 333

If you have never tried the Project 333 challenge, give it a shot. You’ll enjoy it! Tips and tricks how to organize this minimalist fashion challenge can be found here.

Have you, just like me, already tried the challenge in summer and winter? Let me know which edition was easier for you. Drop your experience in the comments below.

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Sara 19/01/2019 - 16:38

Leuk om te lezen dat het zo goed bevalt!! Denk dat het je nog bewuster maakt dat je geen ‘nieuwe’ kledingstukken nodig hebt. Maar precies dat moeten wassen van je kleding houdt mij tegen om ook met een capsule wardrobe te werken. Ben bang dat ik dan vaak zonder schone kleren zit… Hoe vaak was jij? Als alles vies is of tussendoor ook? Ik zou het natuurlijk ook gewoon kunnen proberen en mocht het echt een keer fout gaan met de was dat ik dan voor die ene keer nog iets anders pak O:)


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