The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week: these are the best activities in The Hague

by Nati
Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2018 - My Happy Footprint

From October 5th until October 14th, the fifth edition of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (DSFW) will be organized, that focuses on sustainability within the fashion industry. That’s not only a good thing, it’s highly necessary, as the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet.

The most sustainable option is not to buy ANY clothes, which is exactly what I am (not) doing since the 1st of January of 2018. It’s also something 2.624 other people did during #SlowFashionSummer, a wondeful initiative of CollAction.

It has been 264 days since I have bought a shirt, skirt or pair of jeans. But I know that in some moment, unfortunately, I will have to get some new clothes. My favorites of #Project333 are not going to last forever. Then it’s good to know that there are alternatives that are friendlier for our planet. It made me really happy when I found out that “my” The Hague offers some awesome activities during Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week that will help me to choose better once I need to search for new clothes.

What can you do during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week?

There are many activities during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. These are my favorites in The Hague:

Sustainable shopping tours in the “Zeeheldenkwartier”, “Hofkwartier” and The Hague City Center.

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week - Activiteiten in Den Haag

From clothing libraries to vintage stores and boutiques. Join a guided tour through The Hague during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week to discover the best spots where you can shop in a sustainable way. The coolest thing about this tour is that you have no idea where it will take you, so I am sure that you will discover some surprising places.

There are 4 tours available (English – Dutch speaking guide):

Saturday October 6th at 10.00 am: Zeeheldenkwartier

Sunday October 7th at 12.00 am: The Hague City Center and Hofkwartier

Thursday October 11th at 10.00 am: Zeeheldenkwartier

Saturday October 13th at 10.00 am: The Hague City Center and Hofkwartier

All tours are for free! You can  sign up here for the Zeeheldenkwartier and here for the tour through the City Center and the Hofkwartier.

A unique visit to the workspaces of the makers of The Hague

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week - Activiteiten in Den Haag - Maaksafari

Honestly, I barely can stitch on a button or fix a loose thread, but if you’d ask me to shorten my jeans, I’ll probably end of turning it into a bermuda, with one of the sides looking like hotpants. The sewing machine is not my best friend. I really admire the people who know how to use it and who can turn a piece of fabric into a wonderful garment piece.

During the DSFW 2018 you’ll get the chance to join a real Makers Safari, to get a unique behind the scenes look at the most creative spaces of The Hague. You’ll bike to different workspaces and cool social entreprises throughout The Hague.

You can join on Wednesday, October 10th and on Friday, October 12th. The Safari leaves at 2 pm (14.00) from Central Station.

Participation is free of charge. You can sign up here. 

Swap clothes

I still have to meet the person who doesn’t have a wardrobe with at least one item of clothing that is not being used anymore. So it’s time to dive into your wardrobe, to take out the clothes you no longer use and to come to restaurant De Hagedis on October 14th for a clothing swap.

More information about the clothing swap can be found here.

I will be joining the sustainable shopping tour in the Zeeheldenkwartier on October 6th and on the Makers Safari on October 12th. Will I see you there?

If you are not living in the area of The Hague, don’t forget to have a look at the national website of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, because there are activities throughout the whole country.

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